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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions from our clients about web development, online marketing and Google Adwords.
We began our journey in 2005. Pooling our collective experience in web development, graphic design and online marketing into a portfolio that would one day boast a strong client base with a track record that demonstrates what our name stands for, excellence and efficiency.
A flashy presentation can be deceptive, however a proven track record and solid reputation reflects the true nature of the service you are offering. As such we have a comprehensive list of references and testimonials. All you need to do is contact us for more information.
Our diverse portfolio includes small start-ups, large corporations, nonprofits, B2B and B2C across many business industries like technology, tourism and travel, forex, apparel, health and beauty, finance, and more. In the many years that we have been providing our services we have been a part of growing businesses through improved client relations, marketing optimization and lead generation. We as a team, go through the process of understanding you and your business, the competitors you face and client base you maintain to ensure that you are equipped to position yourself directly in the line of sight of those looking for your product and/or service.
As a large or small business entity it is vital to give your brand an identity, which is accomplished with the use of an engaging website. There are many more reasons which we can list, however an in depth discussion and walkthrough of all the features a website can provide you with is provided FREE of charge. This could include how to engage and retain your current client base to how you can grow your business and engage in new ventures.
Tailoring to your specific personal or business requirements we are able to provide you a solution that fits your budget and obtaining your quote is as easy as giving us a call, where we will discuss some of the following:
  • Features - What do you need your website to do?
  • User base - Who will be using the site? (Client side and Administration side)
  • Online Store - Will you need your own online store?
With all the information discussed we will be able to offer you an overview of what your project will look like, the goal posts for features as well as what it will cost you.
Yes. There are many services included over and above our design and development services. Our web design and development service includes:
  • Fast, secure and reliable hosting services,
  • Setting up your tailored email accounts services,
  • Detailed monthly traffic reports,
  • Basic search engine optimization services that includes submission of your site to the major search engines, and the setup of your primary metatag information (Page Title, Description and Keywords).
Additionally, your site is built from the ground up with search engine-friendly technologies and methods.
The time it takes to create and publish your website varies dependent on the features and development iterations required for each of the pages on your website. This can take up to six weeks. In addition tailored designs can take between one and four weeks, varying according to the intricacy of the designs. All this while making sure that your website is completed timeously and with your time frame in mind.
Of course! As this website is your identity as a business it is essential that your design vision is accomplished. We therefore provide you with your own username and log in details to keep track of the creation process where you are able to provide project direction as the site is pieced together. This enables you to evolve or change the concept of your site as all visionary concepts do from beginning to end.
Knowing the value of communication we understand that being able to work with the team directly developing your website is vital to seeing your project to fruition. Unlike other development firms we are a close knit development crew where there are no hand offs to interns or freelancers. This ensures that our best and most experienced developers are working with you and are available to meet any need you may have at each stage of the creation process.
As your business grows and excels you will need flexibility in your online presence. We therefore offer you a complete Web Maintenance Support Plan. Any changes required both on a large or small scale are but a phone call or email away. Should you wish, we can offer you the ability to manage your website with a custom-built web editing software system (Content Management System or CMS) for you.
As the business owner you own the site in its entirety. It is 100% yours. A vast majority of our large client base maintain their business with us for the life of their website as our team is definitely all that is required for all your online needs.
Your website is fully yours and for no cost we can provide you with a one-time full back up of your entire website. Remember, everything we create becomes yours.
The first stage can be completed in 7 days following the completion of the required advertising brief and analysis. An efficient, matured campaign is developed on the basis of continued structured experimentation and testing of effective Ad Groups and Campaign configurations.
There is great customizability in the way you are able to advertise using AdWords, this includes the ability to customize your expenditure based on the following: What you set your advertisement goals or achievements as
  • The specific geographical locations you are targeting,
  • The specific clients you are targeting
With us it is as simple as specifying what your budget allows and we closely monitor and adjust ad text, keywords, placements, campaign settings, cost-per-click (CPC) bids, and daily budget to make sure you get the highest return on your investment.
Calculating how much you should on AdWords spend varies on what you project your sales figures to be as well as your marketing mix. An amount of 2 - 10% of sales is suggested. For those who are new to AdWords we recommend a minimum startup budget of between $500 - $1000 a month to test and gather information about your market, checking to see that your clients are using the Google Search Network.
As a diverse multi-skilled organization we pride ourselves in the expertise in processing Google AdWords across all industries like tourism, forex, financial services, automotive, retail. While the AdWords campaigns for many companies' remains in principle the same it takes a well-organized process to of experimentation and critical analysis to see a greater ROI. In the realm of online lead generation this is where the AdWords campaign can take the lead. As we have thrived on challenging ourselves in new business refining the art of merging best practicing from other industries into yours, not being boxed into the typical way of thinking but continuously looking for new ways to refresh and rephrase. What makes a powerful business model is the flexibility of its marketing approach.
Some of the differences between AdWords Certified Partners and regular agencies include the seriousness in their business reputation. While an AdWords Certified Partner is not 100% guarantee, A Google AdWords Partner is a guarantee of experience in managing AdWords effectively. Google requires certified partners to:
  • Have at least a $10.000 spend in the last 90 days,
  • Have at least 60 days of existence,
  • Have at least passed two AdWords exams - one fundamentals and one advanced.
While the above mentioned does not give you a history and ranking as an agency it gives you an understanding that the agency has gained significant experience in the management of AdWords campaigns.