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What Is A Website Audit & Why Do I Need One?

Learn how to evaluate and fix on-site issues

What Is A Website Audit & Why Do I Need One?

Setting-up and maintaining a website is very important for your business. Most companies, whether large corporations or small business, spend a lot of money on hiring website designers, marketing specialists, and copywriters to make their website user-friendly, easy to use, and understandable. However, sometimes, websites do not turn out the way that the business imagined that they would and even the best websites do not generate the desired sales and bring the targeted audience. In this case, it is probably time to get a “website audit.” This means that a marketing professional will look at your website and suggest things to change and update so that your company can get better conversion rates.

What is a Website Audit?

Website audits are a professional review, from an internet marketing specialist, about how your website should be updated to get better conversion rates. The specialist will usually do several things, which include the following:

  • Review your site to make sure that your brand’s message is displayed properly
  • Review the site’s SEO and see what position the website is on major search engines
  • Track unique visitors, location of visits, analytics, metrics and conversion rates
  • Address the popularity of links within your site and eliminate negative links
  • Look at competitor’s websites and state what the websites are doing differently than yours
  • Look at the navigation, design, browser compatibility check and the whole set-up of the website

Website reviews should be done to help your company and your products gain more customers. Marketing specialists will give you recommendations and ideas about how to brand, communicate, link, and create the easiest to use and customer-friendly website in your niche.

Benefits of a Website Audit for your Business

Website audits will help you learn how to make your website more effective. Specialists will focus on helping your website become the best website it could be. They will give you their suggestions and encourage you to utilize the suggestions for the best functionality of your project. Your company will gain more visitors and customers by utilizing these services and putting them into use correctly.

Still, the most important benefit of a website audit is that it can have a real impact on company revenue. Especially for sites that have not been checked for an extended period of time, a website analysis not only ensures your site is compatible with the latest online technologies, but that all aspects of your site function harmoniously. Your targeted audience will be more likely to buy from you than they had been before. These keys will help you have the best website possible, not just now but for the entire life of your company.