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Auto Marin, the biggest used car dealer in Greece.

We set the standards in the secondhand automotive industry.

Good web design is always essential as it is a part of an overall marketing strategy; this in return will increase sales. In addition, to increase the revenue we implemented marketing campaigns and analysed data through Google Adwords, Google Analytics and Acqusio. We offer continuous support even after the fulfilment of the assigned project. Additionally, we have put together Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns, which have the ability to target a category within a specific budget.

Our in-house Digital Marketing Team has undertaken extensive work to create specialized marketing strategies for Automarin, including PPC, SEO and Social Media Campaigns. Recently, we worked with Automarin to identify the keywords relevant to their core audience and to optimize their search engine results.

The Challenge

We share a passion with both the web industry and cars. Unfortunately, websites from the automotive industry are typically amongst the ugliest with designs straight from the 90s. So, we took real action and developed a full featured webpage for our friends at Auto Marin. Since we had to properly show the core of their business, we went for merging the company's philosophy into design. We made sure that the audience gets to know what exactly the company is capable of, so the website was properly managed and designed in a way to attract customers. For easy administration and full control of the web page we used Seren CMS, our award winning Content Management System. Our innovative backend allows the employees to handle the website effectively and make any changes needed.

Web Development + Mobile Website + Marketing
By implementing our strategy, we increased conversions and traffic, dominating search keywords like "buy used car" and "cars for sale".

Inspired and designed with a user-centered methology following the modern web trends to provide best user experience.


It is 100% responsive which means that it has an optimal viewing experience from mobile phones to desktop monitors.


Built with search engine optimization, the template is sure to be easily indexed and ranked in search engines.


All code has been optimized, organized and written with a lot of care. It works perfectly whenever is needed.


Providing our dedicated & top level support, we ensure that the website will be up and running without a hitch.


We created a unique clean design that makes browsing it very easy to achieve the predefined business goal of the client.

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