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Brainshot Clothing, Athens

A clothing label which derives from the urban style and minimalism.

We worked with Brainshot to design their social media marketing strategy and give them a plan where their content would continually update keeping them topical and in the minds of their audience. Multitopia conducted research with Brainshot’s target audience groups to understand which of the social media platforms they used in order to create a plan that would be incorporated into their customer’s day-to-day browsing, this was also coupled with positive reinforcement given to users who followed Brainshot's page.

We took great inspiration from Brainshot who already had amazing visual pieces on their portfolio. When designing their website we used a clean, minimalist design to put emphasis on the high quality products that they produce. This approach extended into the typography where we used a font that was simple and elegant, keeping to the branding guidelines, while directing the focus to the beautiful images.

The Challenge

We teamed up with Brainshot, an urban clothing fashion design agency in launching their webpage. Considering the type of exposure that their services needed, we laid a great deal of focus on their portfolio. Also, we made use of social media marketing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for building a strong brand image for our friends at Brainshot.

Web Development + Mobile Website + Marketing
The ideal icon of a complete style is for Brainshot the most important thing to accomplish. Both,men and women, are considered to be the stars of its οwn life in order to show how minimalism and simplicity can rule in a such complicated, full of problems world. Today with over 80% of Internet users on social media, this has become the main marketing channel for companies to get in touch with their consumer audience. In this new media age its critical for your company to have a strong and adaptive social media-marketing plan.

Inspired and designed with a user-centered methology following the modern web trends to provide best user experience.


It is 100% responsive which means that it has an optimal viewing experience from mobile phones to desktop monitors.


Built with search engine optimization, the template is sure to be easily indexed and ranked in search engines.


All code has been optimized, organized and written with a lot of care. It works perfectly whenever is needed.


Providing our dedicated & top level support, we ensure that the website will be up and running without a hitch.


We created a unique clean design that makes browsing it very easy to achieve the predefined business goal of the client.

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