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Our creative design team is staffed with the best designers in the field, who have time and developed and delivered striking visual content and graphics for s lot of notable clients. We created e-mail campaigns, which incorporate the best technical features in the market. Grepreneur, and all of our customers, have had exceptional results while working with us to hit their marketing goals and reach their audience. In addition to the design of the actual content we are ready to help you with customer contact list segmentation and setting up automated e-mails.

To make our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) a top of the field service, we worked with Grepreneur to incorporate the most effective techniques in picking keywords for our clients to get the highest ranks in search engine returns. Our team identified the keywords that will best reach their audience making them the core of their SEO strategy. While their business grows our SEO will constantly evolve to keep up and increase the performance.

The Challenge

To achieve this, we created simple but sophisticated tools to control the way content is displayed, managed and posted by administrators, companies and members. We included a wide variety of customizable plugins so as to fulfil the requirements of the client: a creative community participating in a constantly evolving business culture. The real magic happens on the backend, with Seren CMS. The technology used increased the functionality of Grepreneur, making it a powerful web application used both by members and companies who want to share knowledge efficiently and reliable.

Web Development + Mobile Website + Marketing
Grepreneur is a business networking platform aimed at creating accessible knowledge, educational resources to entrepreneurs and also to enhance the exposure of talented individuals.

Inspired and designed with a user-centered methology following the modern web trends to provide best user experience.


It is 100% responsive which means that it has an optimal viewing experience from mobile phones to desktop monitors.


Built with search engine optimization, the template is sure to be easily indexed and ranked in search engines.


All code has been optimized, organized and written with a lot of care. It works perfectly whenever is needed.


Providing our dedicated & top level support, we ensure that the website will be up and running without a hitch.


We created a unique clean design that makes browsing it very easy to achieve the predefined business goal of the client.

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