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Savegea, an international online seed saving platform

A community aiming to connect people in Cyprus & Greece with the seeds that sustain them.

Savegea is a nonprofit community working to assure an abundant and diverse supply of seeds through networking, education and establishing community-based models of seed stewardship. Currently, it is the only online community that allows seed exchange between its members and is designed to raise awareness and inform people about seeds.

We worked together to prepare the designs specified by the client and implemented them using mobile-friendly web technologies which have excellent compatibility with all the devices, smartphones or tablets. The result was a user-centric design, a simple yet powerful community where members can interact to each other. Savegea is built from scratch with its own custom made Content Management System (CMS). It is an interactive and engaging website with tools to create profiles, message, encourage collaboration and exchange seeds among users.

The Challenge

The project was constrained by extremely tight deadlines however Multitopia delivered the project well ahead of schedule and in budget. We implemented all the features a modern online community can offer, and integrated a database of registered organisations and businesses enabling visitors to check for suitable suppliers in their area. Visitors can also learn about upcoming events and share their experiences with others. Savegea were also provided with an automated email marketing solution to allow increased communication between users. The idea is being actively publicised throughout the country across TV, Newspaper and Radio.

Web Development + Mobile Website + Marketing
One of the key goals of our team was to provide an engaging online experience, enabling consumers to find information with ease. Digital marketing services were also provided in the form of search engine optimisation (SEO) to ensure Google visibility. We feel privileged to have worked with Savegea and will continue to support and enhance their web offering for the foreseeable future.

Inspired and designed with a user-centered methology following the modern web trends to provide best user experience.


It is 100% responsive which means that it has an optimal viewing experience from mobile phones to desktop monitors.


Built with search engine optimization, the template is sure to be easily indexed and ranked in search engines.


All code has been optimized, organized and written with a lot of care. It works perfectly whenever is needed.


Providing our dedicated & top level support, we ensure that the website will be up and running without a hitch.


We created a unique clean design that makes browsing it very easy to achieve the predefined business goal of the client.

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