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Veltilog, trucking and shipping has never been easier!

Built with our flexible and easy-to-use Content Management System

Considering the needs and the demographics of this industry, we incorporated a really smart and easy find-a-shipping-carrier search engine, driving the visitor to the checkout page as easy as 1-2-3. With adoption of the latest trends we also ensured that the design was responsive and the UX navigation is properly designed.

In addition, we enhanced Veltilog's social marketing to entice further inquiries and accentuate the professional nature of their business. Additionally, we worked to improve their SEO to get potential customers searching for shippings and relocation services to their page, first in search engine returns.

The Challenge

For Veltilog we created a digital marketing strategy that targeted several customer audiences, with an angle to include the high quality of services on their website. Our Team provided exact strategies for reaching these audiences by conducting research on each of the different target profiles, to understand their motivations to use the website.

Web Development + Mobile Website + Marketing
Veltilog aims at the simplification and optimization of the trucking business for both the companies and the shippers. Well, that's a goal! We began by creating an advanced, clean and dynamic webpage with an easy to navigate layout, and direct linking to the contact page, providing the customer a sense of comfort when browsing.

Inspired and designed with a user-centered methology following the modern web trends to provide best user experience.


It is 100% responsive which means that it has an optimal viewing experience from mobile phones to desktop monitors.


Built with search engine optimization, the template is sure to be easily indexed and ranked in search engines.


All code has been optimized, organized and written with a lot of care. It works perfectly whenever is needed.


Providing our dedicated & top level support, we ensure that the website will be up and running without a hitch.


We created a unique clean design that makes browsing it very easy to achieve the predefined business goal of the client.

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