Quick Question?

Anastasia Nikoloudi

Executive communications assistant / PR&SM specialist

Q: Why should we know you? Tell us about your social media presence/work.

I started working in the field in 2010 for a public institution in Greece. Parallel to that, I started my own blog as a mean of expression. I volunteered also as a social media specialist for e-magazines, social movements etc. At that time what I did had no cohesion but eventually it all came up and became my professional identity. I had, after some years, the opportunity to have my traineeship in the European Parliament in France also in the DG of Communications and Public Information where I saw firsthand how the social media of an international organization function and influence the people of so many different nation-states. One of the recent collaborations I have established is the newly launched female e-magazine www.myselvi.gr where I work as a social media strategist. I also, write my own articles inspired by my traveling experiences.

Q: What is your social media secret recipe?

It may sound common and old fashioned but no recipe is the best recipe. People –and I do the same as well-always seek to identify themselves in other people stories. Why not share your own personal experience then? Keep it simple, be honest and stay loyal to what you do or stand for whether it’s about makeup trends, violence against women or animal’s rights.

Q: What you are most psyched for in social media?

I will be totally honest by saying that what I do seek through the social media is to shape my own professional and personal profile, thus to do some self-marketing. Working in the field and refreshing accounts of others is my job but it needs to be combined by my own signature which is who I really am. Personal accounts are a way to show yourself before showing what you can achieve. That’s the reason LinkedIn works so well, isn’t it?

Q: Personal social network preference?

Definitely Instagram. Visualizing lifestyles, emotional mood, personal stories or feelings is creating an amazing virtual platform that can be explored just by scrolling for a few minutes. Plus, I find awesome new traveling destinations!

Q: Where do you get inspiration for your great content?

Major part of my content is inspired by my everyday life. I was blessed enough during the past years and had amazing trips done mostly for business. This provided me with beautiful images and new experiences to share. My dog also, a French bulldog that loves pizza and my effort to adopt a healthier lifestyle based on exercise are great source of content.

Q: What are the aims of your social media strategy?

I would like to leave my mark regarding the cause I truly care about. Besides that, I would like to inspire people to live a happier life, women to be more self-confident and set aside any fear or hesitation.

Q: When posting a new story/update, what are the reactions you are looking for? What is a perfect post for you?

The perfect post is the one that makes you remember how you felt at the moment. It’s not the 100 likes you get but maybe a comment that your post made someone living on the other corner of the world to feel better.

Q: Which metrics do you use to measure the success in social media (for example user engagement, number of clicks/likes etc.)? When can you tell that something worked good on social media?

People’s reactions are the best metrics when personal accounts are the case. Positive comments also declare if the job is done well.

Q: Let’s talk about the future of social media a bit. If simply posting on social media and participating in conversations is the 1st step, getting users involved is the 2nd, what is the 3rd step? What do you think we can expect in the future from your social media and social media in general?

The third step can be to make a living out of that or to have your causes to be heard. I firmly believe that social media shape opinions and create new trends on any social sphere. I hope I can communicate properly my own messages.

Q: What are you most excited about in the digital marketing space at the moment?

The ability to communicate messages in a second. It is fascinating to see how many opinions and stories are shared within minutes and reach the eyes of readers so diverse around the globe.

Q: What’s your favorite example of innovative digital marketing?

My inspiration and world-widely admired case of Chiara Ferragni. No other case of social media entrepreneur can be compared with her empire. It is a great example of how well brilliant minds can work when they do work together and freely. Also, an example of the unlimited opportunities the world of social media offers.