Quick Question?

Katerina Andreou

HR Innovate

Q: Why should we know you? Tell us about your social media presence/work.

I try to be visible and active across social media platforms that benefit my industry in particular so I invest time and money in LinkedIn and FB. Online activity and visibility across social media platforms means clients can find me more easily.

Q: What is your social media secret recipe?

Active active active on a daily basis! On all platforms but adjusting style and content appropriate to the platform.

Q: What you are most psyched for in social media?

As a professional network of contacts and business links I find LinkedIn the most exciting and I am looking forward to seeing how this platform develops now they have been taken over by Microsoft, I am hoping it remains more professional and less social like FB

Q: Personal social network preference?

LinkedIn and Facebook

Q: Where do you get inspiration for your great content?

I try to stimulate interest and maintain communication with viewers by blogging about real workplace issues people on either side of the desk will find useful but maintaining a conscious link to their home life issues too.

Q: What are the aims of your social media strategy?

To end up at a visibility level where new clients and business come to me and my business development strategy is less aggressive and necessary.

Q: When posting a new story/update, what are the reactions you are looking for? What is a perfect post for you?

I am looking for plenty of Likes and hopefully comments that generate debate and conversation.

Q: Which metrics do you use to measure the success in social media (for example user engagement, number of clicks/likes etc.)? When can you tell that something worked good on social media?

Generally if it creates conversation and shares I know its one that has peaked interest.

Q: Let’s talk about the future of social media a bit. If simply posting on social media and participating in conversations is the 1st step, getting users involved is the 2nd, what is the 3rd step? What do you think we can expect in the future from your social media and social media in general?

Using video for content instead of blogs etc.

Q: What are you most excited about in the digital marketing space at the moment?

Using video content instead of text.

Q: What’s your favorite example of innovative digital marketing?

I am less experienced with digital marketing but I do find the cheapness, user friendliness and reach of FB ads and boosts an excellent tool in my industry.