Quick Question?

Michalis Pekris

C-level Executive

Q: Why should we know you? Tell us about your social media presence/work.

Why not!!
Meeting people on a Worldwide horizon it could only add value to whatever you are doing. I am actively managing my account on LinkedIn and I have never regret in doing that. I am also on Facebook which of course has a more casual orientation.

Q: What is your social media secret recipe?

The first step in growing your social media presence is to identify your goals and objectives. This means make sure you know what you are going after – before you start posting. Ensure you know how each platform works, what audiences you can reach where, and what your objectives are and you will be off to a great start.

Q: What you are most psyched for in social media?

You don't have to be a social media maven to benefit from this (mostly) free gift of modern technology. I enjoy social media for 3 reasons: First, to stay in touch with peers that are already connected to through organizations like fraternities, service, or alumni. Second, to learn about an area of interest. This could be academic, social, or trade. Lastly, to stay abreast of happenings in a particular industry or area of commerce.

Q: Personal social network preference?

By far Linkedin!! While the longevity of commercial value with Facebook, Twitter and other social media continues to be questionable, there is no question that LinkedIn is here to stay. It's perfectly reasonable. LinkedIn is designed for professionals to connect, so they can do business. Still, many struggle with using this amazing tool effectively. People gather connections like colorful Easter eggs and never actually have any sort of meaningful interaction.

Q: Where do you get inspiration for your great content?

The upside of social media tools is that it's easier to connect than ever before. The bad news is that marketers have bombarded the channels with noise that makes everyone cynical. I want to be a giver in the community, and this is my inspiration. I don't like spamming.

Q: What are the aims of your social media strategy?

I want to share information that truly has value to all my connections. Also I want to connect with people that they are better than me. I like learning from them!

Q: When posting a new story/update, what are the reactions you are looking for? What is a perfect post for you?

Before posting, I always ask myself "Would I consider this to be thoughtful, relevant and presented with care?". An ideal post is one that it is engaging the audience as much as possible.

Q: Which metrics do you use to measure the success in social media (for example user engagement, number of clicks/likes etc.)? When can you tell that something worked good on social media?

Increase audience interaction and number of views is the best benchmark. Sometimes Likes can be just a mechanical movement. By far the best reward is when your post is shared.

Q: Let’s talk about the future of social media a bit. If simply posting on social media and participating in conversations is the 1st step, getting users involved is the 2nd, what is the 3rd step? What do you think we can expect in the future from your social media and social media in general?

Communication in the future will be built on the foundation started by what is today called social media, but it will look much different.

Q: What are you most excited about in the digital marketing space at the moment?

The most dramatic change in the future will not only be the amount of data that will be available to everyone but also the decision-making power of that data. We currently have thermostats that learn our preferences, watches that take our pulse, and Nike even knows how often and how fast we run, and this is just the beginning.
With this much data, personalized content will become the norm. I love unfiltered feeds, but in the future, when the depth of data available meets the ability to make decisions based off of that data, the result will be a very individualized and powerful experience. People will be able to get the content they want, at the time they want, from the people and brands they want, perhaps even on their projector watch or contact lens.

Q: What’s your favorite example of innovative digital marketing?

More people are now using their smartphones to search the web. One of the highest priorities for businesses this year is to optimize their site for mobile. Google has made it apparent with the Mobile-Friendly Test that there will be a lot of emphasis placed on mobile SEO strategies in 2016 and beyond.