Quick Question?

Sotiris Kambanellas

YoungShip Cyprus

Q: Why should we know you? Tell us about your social media presence/work.

You shouldn’t, but if you are an active member in the Shipping industry there is a chance you might do. The main reason behind my social media presence is to promote the Shipping industry and even more YoungShip Cyprus an international non-profit organization I participate as a member of the Board. Through my social media content I try to communicate industry related information both to our members and the general public but also promote the activities and events of the organization.

Q: What is your social media secret recipe?

Engage to your connections, communicate (e-mail, like, share, comment), it worth knowing your connections in person before inviting them to connect on social media but even if that is not the case use your social network connection to get to know the persons. Walking up to somebody introducing yourself with a comment “hi we are connected in Linkedin…” it shows an interest in researching the individual, taking the time to know a few details about them and that you are serious and active with your social media connections.

Q: What you are most psyched for in social media?

Communication with colleagues and likeminded professionals on relevant Industry news. It is one of the best ways to get current and relevant information on your industry developments form all corners of the world.

Q: Personal social network preference?

LinkedIn rules!!

Q: Where do you get inspiration for your great content?

I mostly republish interesting articles and news relating the Shipping industry that I think colleagues around the world would find interesting.

Q: What are the aims of your social media strategy?

Stay relevant and focus on the content I publish, promote and foster networking opportunities for the local and international Shipping Market as well as notable initiatives.

Q: When posting a new story/update, what are the reactions you are looking for? What is a perfect post for you?

I am looking for like’s and comments. A perfect post is one that will generate traffic and a series of comments, hopefully kick start a discussion with random participants.

Q: Which metrics do you use to measure the success in social media (for example user engagement, number of clicks/likes etc.)? When can you tell that something worked good on social media?

I do not follow any metrics; I am just engaged in building the brand of my organization (YoungShip Cyprus) and produce good quality content. If what you offer is of quality and relevance your network grows and the relevant traffic produced (likes, shares) increases.

Q: Let’s talk about the future of social media a bit. If simply posting on social media and participating in conversations is the 1st step, getting users involved is the 2nd, what is the 3rd step? What do you think we can expect in the future from your social media and social media in general?

As mentioned before social media cannot and will not replace personal/physical contact, whether this is chasing sales leads, meeting new people, marketing/branding a company/product or simply expanding your network. However a strong social network presence can help communicate your brand and identity further and bridge the gap with your real life connections. It is easier to trust a professional at a meeting if you are already actively connected in a social network, read his shares, articles, point of view etc.

Q: What are you most excited about in the digital marketing space at the moment?

Live video feed, as technology progress marketing is becoming live and direct. Facebook is using it mostly but I can see it being applied in other social media platforms.

Q: What’s your favorite example of innovative digital marketing?

Too many out there…